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Welcome to Stover Family Farm


Meet the Stover Family


Thanks for visiting our website and learning more about our family and business.

Our family Lucas, Cheaney, Cameron and Karenza Stover and we couldn't forget Curtis Stover (Lucas' dad). We purchased our farm in 2010 which was originally set up for milking and over time we have transformed our farm into a beef facility.  We have a cow/calf operation where our focus is on angus beef.  

Everything We Offer

Free Range

Hormone Free


Grass Fed

During the Winter/Spring our cows are housed at the barn and receive hay and silage which are produced from our crop. During the Summer/Fall our cow/calf pairs are born and raised on pasture grass. Once our calves are separated this is where we focus on finishing out our animals to the final product by feeding silage, grain and dry hay. 

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